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MusiccMakers is presently in the early rounds of the fund raising process. We are looking for a partner to share the risks and the profits of this brand new startup. The complete prototype has already been developed and the platform is now ready for implementation. The development team and the legal team are ready for some action. For more information on our requirements and our offer, please contact us directly.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come. -V. Hugo

The social Record Label

Uber is the largest taxi company in the world, but they don’t own a single taxi.
Airbnb is the largest accommodation company in the world, but they don’t own a single hotel.
MusiccMakers takes the internet opportunity to become the largest record label in the world, without having a single artist under contract.

Main Features

Dynamic Social Record Label

We believe in artists. Creators are the single most important element in the music industry. Their rightful position is at the top of the musical food chain. MusiccMakers will release original material from any artists and let the public decide who will be rising to the top.

Interactive Production Environment

What does a bassist from Russia, a drummer from Nigeria, a signer from Brazil, a keyboard player from Japan and an arranger from Canada have in common? A: A unique platform to create a band, to share some ideas, to audition on projects and to release the best music!

Instant Copyright Protection

The search for reliable and recognized copyright protection is over. The date and time at which you release your original material on MusiccMakers is a valid proof of ownership in a court of law. Never leave your tracks unprotected again.

Commercial Licensing Marketplace

Music is free for personal use and easily licensable for commercial use. MusiccMakers provide a general marketplace where artists share their music with the whole world, without compromising on the opportunity to profit from their art.

Live Broadcasting Channels

Artists diffuse live events online to their fans through a personalized broadcasting channel. Artists distribute branded merchandise to their fans through a personalized marketplace. Create maximum engagement from followers, gain popularity and generate sales.

Unlimited Remix Playground

MusiccMakers is designed to encourage a huge wave of recurring multi-generational remixes. Make your tracks available for remix and witness the evolution of your art into different forms and styles, while retaining your rightful position as original creator.

The Team

Charles Bisaillon

Charles Bisaillon

Founder & CEO

• Chief Executive Officer
• Project leader
• Engineer
• Digital marketing and social networking expert
• Large experience in music production

Isabella Gervasio

Isabella Gervasio

Partner & CSO

• Chief Strategy Officer
• Expert in complex project management
• Intangible assets management specialist
• Knowledge manager
• Musician

Gianluca Baù

Gianluca Baù

Partner & CLO

• Chief Legal Officer
• Video and audio producer
• Legal consultant
• Creative Commons and copyrights expert
• Specialist on the legal aspect of music production


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